Andrew Lewis



CD cover Au-delà
CD cover Miroirs obscurs Shadow Piano cd cover


(empreintes DIGITALes, IMED 13125) audio CD.

Solo album of acousmatic works. Includes Dark Glass and the audio-only version of LEXICON.
Also includes works from the 1980s and 1990s.

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Miroirs obscurs

(empreintes DIGITALes, IMED 0789) 5.1 high definition audio DVD.

Solo album of surround-sound works. Includes the suite Danses acousmatiques.
Also includes Penmon Point, Benllech Shells, Llanddwyn Skies and Cable Bay.

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Shadow Piano

(Innova Recordings, INNOVA874) audio CD.

Xenia Pestova plays works for piano/toy piano and electronics. Includes Schattenklavier.

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Skyline on CIME Moscow CD CIME / ICEM @ CEAMMC – Moscow 2017
CIMESP V CD Música Maximalista/Maximal Music Vol 1
(V CIMESP 2003) Studio PANaroma 199.017.216
Scherzo Legacies - Works from BEAST
Volume 2
Sargasso, 2003 - SCD 28046
CD cover Prix Noriot 5 - Prix International Noroit - Léonce Petitot 1998
Magison/INA-GRM, 1998
NOR5 247982
Cultures electroniques Cultures Electroniques 4
Le chant du monde, 1989
LDC 278049/50
Cultures electroniques Cultures Electroniques 6
Le chant du monde, 1991
CD cover Cultures electroniques 10 Cultures Electroniques 10
Le chant du monde, 1998
LDC 278063/064
ICMC 95 Digital Playgrounds
ICMA, 1995 - CD 1600
CD cover Project 91 Project 91 (Concrete 1991)
Also available on vinyl as Project One (The Produkt Korps PKLP1)